Book Publishing

Have you written a book?
Ready to publish it?
Have no idea how to make sense out of the myriad instructions?
Need an agent?

Welcome to Dynamic Web Systems Book Publishing and representation.

You are a writer and have written a book.  You’ve lived through the corrections, edits, decisions about which size it should be, read hundreds of pages of instructions, but still, it’s so confusing.  We get it.

Having your book published is a chore and it’s one that a writer doesn’t necessarily want to deal with.

Let Dynamic Web Systems handle the heavy lifting for you.  We offer free quotes and plenty of hand-holding (in the electronic sense, that is!).  We’ll get your book turned into the right format for Amazon Kindle and help you create your online account.  Everything is a la carte (which means we won’t try selling you a ‘bundle’ of things you don’t need).

Your book.  Your decision.   Make it an easy one – Dynamic Web Systems Publishing.


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